The moment Israel becomes silent on Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Leah Rosenberg

Holocaust Remembrance Day, or in Hebrew Yom Hashoah, is felt strongly throughout Israel. The whole country mourns and remembers.

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

Israel is a state that was partially built by the brave and courageous Holocaust survivors who managed to keep their dedication to the Jewish people alive despite the horrors they encountered. On Holocaust Remembrance Day, the entire country comes to a standstill. For two minutes of silence at 10 am, a siren sounds, and everyone stops. Everything stops. Drivers get out of their cars and stand by the side to just stop and remember.

It is a touching and meaningful experience. It is a moment of unity among the entire country; a moment to remember the past and not let the memories of those who perished be forgotten.

The Jewish People Keep Living

Despite the tragedies the Jewish people have faced throughout the centuries, they continue to rebuild and be strong. They continue to live. Despair is not in the language of the Jewish nation as a whole. Jews don’t give up. If they did, the Jewish state would not exist. The Jewish people would not exist. Time and time again, nations try to break the people of Israel. But haven’t they realized that G-d’s chosen people can never be broken?

The Jewish people do not ignore the past. They do not forget it in order to move forward. They make it part of their lives and remember in order to build upon what was lost. Remembering is in the DNA of the Jewish nation.

Dr. Risch

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