Murder rates are rising across the US – why is the media silent?

by Phil Schneider

With all that has been going on with the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter riots, there is one extremely serious trend in the United States. Murder rates are growing at a rapid pace – specifically in Democrat runs cities.

The entire idea of defunding police is basically a green light to the anarchists, thieves, and murderers. As important as the attack on freedom of speech and the attack on other freedoms, there is one more basic problem. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to walk down the street. Law and order has been on the decline for a while, but it has taken a major step backwards in the last year in many cities across America – especially Chicago.

There have been other time periods in recent US history when violence took a negative turn. But it usually was followed with a return to a more stable and less dangerous time. Today, it is very difficult to imagine a time when things will be better again. Most of the cities that are Democrat-run seem to be digging in deeper in their anti-police ideologies. If the police, who are a key element in the solution to the problems, are treated like the source of the problems, then there is very little hope for any correction. Any professional or non-professional person who commits a crime will not cease to repeat just because a social worker understands their feelings that led them to choose violence. That may be helpful too, but they need to know that they will be locked up if they prove to be a menace to society. Today, the police are being labeled as the menaces. Why would anybody want to join the police if the police are labeled as the source of our problems?

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