Arab-Israeli terrorist gets hero’s welcome after being released from prison

by Leah Rosenberg

Despicable. Sickening. This vile man is an Arab-Israeli. He has citizenship to the Jewish state. That citizenship should be revoked.

Arab-Israeli Murderer Released from Jail

This says everything you need to know about Israel’s “peace parters.” They greet terrorists with parades. They applaud murderers. Rushdi Hamdan Abu Mukh was part of the terror cell that murdered IDF soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984. Abu Mukh is one of the highest paid terrorists by the Palestinian Authority. Why does that not outrage the world? A terrorist, who has been getting paid by the Palestinian Arab leadership for murdering a Jew, has gotten a heroes welcome after being released from jail. It is all despicable.

Moshe Tamam’s family has been requesting that Rushdi Hamdan Abu Mukh’s citizenship as an Israeli be revoked, but they have not been successful so far. This terrorist has Israeli citizenship! And the world claims that Israel mistreats its Arab citizens? Quite the opposite. Some of these Arab-Israeli citizens have abused their rights to live in a free and democratic society. They use their citizenship and kill innocent Israelis.

And what is also disturbing is that some Israeli-Arab parliamentarians were part of the parade of greeting this murderer to welcome him home.

When will this end?

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