Spirit Airlines Kicks off Jewish Family and Then Punishes Jew-Hating Steward

by Leah Rosenberg

Shame on you, Spirit. This Jewish family was traveling with a 2 year old and a child with special needs. And the wife is 7 months pregnant.

Jewish Family Kicked off Plane

Spirit Airlines should be completely ashamed of themselves. A flight attendant kicked off a Jewish family because the two year old was eating without a mask on during take off. The flight attendant in this video was not the one who made the request to throw them off the flight – she was following orders from another steward. The mother is seven months pregnant, they have a special needs child, and a two year old. The two year old was eating. How can someone be so cruel and antisemitic as to throw this family off the plane and make them exit with their special needs child and a mother who is seven months pregnant?

Everyone was forced to get off the plane. Although later everyone came back on, including the family, it is truly difficult to see how anyone can treat someone else in such a horrific way. The steward who made the plan to kick off this innocent family was replaced by another flight attendant.

Spirit Airlines claimed that the reason for the uproar was because the adults weren’t complying with the mask rule. What a shameful lie. This has nothing to do with mask compliance.

Sadly, this was not the first time a Jewish family was kicked off a flight for the accusation of failing to wear masks properly. Jews have been targeted, and it needs to end.

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