Big Tech Propaganda Continues To Be A Problem For Pro-Israel Activists

by Gavriel Dan

Big tech censorship is not new, but the way the major platforms and media giants are employing “smart” propaganda is about the most sinister method of control yet.

This form of propaganda is driven by third party “fact-checkers” hired by the social media companies to either add comments to augment posts or erase posts altogether that are viewed as “problematic” to what they see as the normative outlook.

Third-party fact checking in this guise serves as a propaganda tool for the left. This is extremely worrisome for pro-Israel activists who have already been pushed off of Facebook and Twitter and are now worried that any articles favoring Jewish sovereignty in Israel’s biblical heartland will be “fact-checked” and removed.

It is often said that we are living in an age of information, but without freedom of expression online, we are merely serfs to the corporate controllers.

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