Artist colorizes Holocaust images and gives a chilling account of the past

by Leah Rosenberg

Seeing Holocaust images is startling and chilling in general. But when you see the photos in color, the past becomes more real than ever.

Colored Holocaust Images

It is truly shocking that anyone can deny the Holocaust. It is just as shocking when someone has never heard of the massacre of millions of Jews at all! There is so much proof. There are so many images, documents, and even video footage. The Nazis recorded what they did. The images are chilling and emotional. You can see the life that once was and the lives of those precious souls that were taken in the most brutal ways. But now, with being able to see colored Holocaust images, the past becomes even more real. The photos speak louder than ever before. It is painful to look at the past in such a real way, but it is necessary. It is crucial.

There are some people who have a harder time relating to events of the past. Some people just cannot put themselves in the past. But with seeing the Holocaust in color, the past feels different. It feels more alive. It makes you connect to the people of the past – because that is exactly what they are: people. They are humans whose lives were butchered and shattered. They are innocent beings who deserved to be left untouched. And now, people can’t ignore it. People can’t distance themselves from the horrors. They must confront them and see the truth of what happened. It is important to take that journey and remember the past. Because if we don’t, who will?

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