The moment a “Palestinian” realizes he’s a Zionist

by Gavriel Dan

Rudy Rochman explains to a “Palestinian” that Zionism is not racist and should not be associated with racism. The discussion is so effective that the “Palestinian” realizes he is a Zionist.

A deep discussion took place between Rudy Rochman and a “Palestinian” on the meaning of Zionism, which led to the “Palestinian” coming away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what Zionism means.

Rudy Rochman and other activists were on campus to protest a SJP National Students for Justice in Palestine event. SJP often time brings in clearly anti-semitic speakers and even known terrorists. They prey on the ignorance of college kids to sway them with an argument that the “Palestinians” cause intersects with the rights of Native Americans and African Americans. Of course these issues are not the same, but SJP tries to appropriate the suffering of other minority groups in homes to build a wide net of support.

At the end of the discussion Rudy explains, We must work together and speak to one another. We are all the children of Abraham. “

The “Palestinian” says, “You are probably the most reasonable person I have spoken to about this.”

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