UK Labour leader Corbyn Exposed Saying Another Blatant Jew-Hatred Statement

by Avi Abelow

Another mark against the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. How can anyone possibly think he is not antisemitic? The things he says and does are terrible!

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Labour Leader Crosses the Line

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn once again made it clear how he feels about the Jewish people. He used the antisemitic trope that “Jews run the media.”

How can people believe that this man is NOT an antisemite when he himself used that antisemitic trope? Anyone who claims that he is not antisemitic must themselves have some ill feelings toward the Jews. Because there is no excuse for being so oblivious to such an obvious truth: Corbyn is an antisemite!

Yes, There are Jews in the Media

Is it true that there are many Jews in media? Yes. But are there also Jewish doctors? Of course. But just as the Jews as a group do not run the whole medical industry as a group with a “Jewish agenda,” so too the Jews in the media do not run the media with any Jewish agenda. They are all just individual Jews who work in the media, all independently of one another.

The fact that Corbyn made these antisemitic comments shows how much of an antisemite he is. He won’t even accept it, though, since it is so ingrained in him. It is just natural for him to think that it is acceptable to be so vile.

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