EU Antisemitism Hits Again Only Against Jewish Products

by Avi Abelow

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The European Court of Justice demands that products manufactured by Jews in Judea and Samaria must be branded with labels that state this fact. While products produced by Arabs in Judea & Samaria do NOT need any special labels. This Boomerang video presents four good reasons that prove why you should support Jewish products from Judea and Samaria and send a strong message to the EU that we will overcome its antisemitic policies.

Double Standard Against Israel

Although there are countless amount of conflicts around the world, with a countless amount of “occupations”, for some reason the EU only singles out Israel. All while Judea & Samaria, aka the ‘occupied West Bank’, is actually the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, that the Jewish people have a legal claim to thanks to the League of Nations in 1922!

Turkey is occupying half of Cyrpus and the EU is silent, Morocco is occupying Western Sahara and the world is silent. Plenty of occupations going on and the EU is silent, showing a clear double standard with its dealings with Israel. When there is a double standard used in relation to the only Jewish state in the world, that is antisemitism.

The recent US policy change announcement claiming that Israel does have the legal right to the land for Jews to live in Judea & Samaria, according to international law, was a response to this antisemitic act of the EU. The US was standing this issue for a long time, and they came out with the announcement right after the EU labeling announcement.

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