Israel compared to North Korea for deporting an activist who threatens its security

by Avi Abelow

The world went crazy on Israel for deporting an activist. But is this “activist” really doing anything positive? Or does he just threaten Israel?

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Deporting an Activist

The Israeli supreme court ruled that Omar Shakir, an anti-Israel “human rights” activist would no longer be allowed to stay in Israel. The world went crazy, of course. They even compared Israel to North Korea, which is absolutely ridiculous! Deporting an activist who threatens Israel’s security should be commended, not condemned. Why is Israel criticized for protecting itself? Israel doesn’t have a right to secure its borders and choose who passes through?

Omar Shakir is not a human rights activist. He is just someone who wants to boycott Israel. He wants to destroy the Jewish state. So yes, Israel deported him. Israeli law says that economic warfare against Israel in the form of boycotts is illegal. So, one who calls for boycotts against Israel will be deported. Other countries have similar laws, but the world never comments on what other countries do. None of it makes news headlines. But here is just another example of the double standard against Israel. What hypocrisy!

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