Israel’s long range artillery weapon threatens targets deep in the enemy’s territory

by Phil Schneider

There is a concept that says that Israel will achieve peace when they have superior fire power. There is definitely some truth to this. But it is just one part of the impossible puzzle in the Middle East. Part of the problem is that it is not clear that the goal should be peace. There are reasonable people who have argued quite convincingly that the goal should merely be a state wherein the Arab belligerents nearby the State of Israel are intimidated enough so that they will lose every incentive to terrorize the State of Israel. That of course is not the definition of peace. But it would lead to the absence of war – at least temporarily.

The Peace Process

The most common goal that is commonly espoused concerning Israel and it’s neighbors is the goal of peace. Therefore, the most common word pair tossed around is the phrase – peace process. Most journalists treat the idea of the peace process as if it is axiomatic that that is a positive thing. After all, isn’t the only way to reach peace via a process that leads to peace at the end. Sounds reasonable? Well, sometimes that has been the case. The Camp David Peace Process organized by President Jimmy Carter brought together Anwar Sadat from Egypt and Menachem Begin from Israel and culminated in a peace treaty. It hasn’t been perfect since then, but there have been no wars between the countries for 40 years. Before the treaty, there had been 4 -5 wars fought between the two countries in 30 years. So, the peace process concept definitely has some successes to point to.

But more often than not, the peace process concept has simply brought out more and more terrorism against the State of Israel. Nearly every time that envoys have come into the region with promises of peace, Arab terrorists have “blown up” the peace process – quite literally. A more reasonable goal should be calm – not peace. A more reliable method to bringing calm to the region is not via the negotiation table, but via stronger artillery, a more intimidating Air Force, and effective drone strikes that instill fear in the belligerents. Those are the keys to achieving calm in the Middle East.

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