The Inspiring Song about Freedom that Came just in Time for Passover

by Leah Rosenberg

Passover is the holiday of freedom. It is the holiday of redemption. It is the holiday to break free from what is holding us back.

“Passing Over” – The Passover Song

Aryeh Kunstler has done it yet again. His songs are inspiring and meaningful. And there is something about his tunes that are unique and unforgettable. This song came just in time for Passover. It is a song about hope and getting through the dark times – through personal exiles and our exiles as a Jewish people as well. Even when things are dark, we can get through.

The Jewish people have survived century after century and continued to believe in G-d and His Divine plan. Just like G-d took the Jewish people out of Egypt, He will bring the final redemption as well. We just have to continue to have hope and faith through the dark times.


Winter is gone
Spring is coming round
I feel
Different this time of year
It seems that the world
It’s burning to the ground
But me I’m just looking for peace
Time of freedom
I really need ya now.

Passing over
Passing over me
Breaking free
From the chain and the pain, heartache, and grief
I feel it passing over me.

There’s a storm rising
It’s hard to ignore
And I pray
That you keep us safe
So we gather in
Make our marks on our doors
And be
Together as family
Fear aint got nothing on me
My heart is open and it leads
Through the splitting of the sea.

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