The Ultimate Cry to G-d to Bring the Jews Back Home

by Leah Rosenberg

This song is absolutely stunning. It addresses the deep yearning of Jews to come home to Israel and return to G-d.

Begging G-d to Bring the Jews Back Home

Aryeh Kunstler is a famous Jewish musician who writes beautiful music and lyrics. He has a unique sound and style. He has created another masterpiece with this song. A Jew has this yearning to come home to Israel, to his ancient homeland. For some Jews, it is a hidden feeling that they must uncover. For others, it is very obvious, and they need to express that strong desire to return to G-d’s land.

This song is beautiful, and the call out to G-d is inspiring. It reminds us that we rely on G-d for everything. We are begging Him to bring us back – to Him and His land.

The Lyrics

I’ve been traveling
The longest road
My feet are tired
My pace is slow.

It’s been a long time
Since I’ve been home
Amongst the nations
Is where I roam.

I’ve been trying
To not let go
But all my hardships
They push me so.

How much longer
Do I have to go
I’m barely holding
Onto this thread of hope.

Bring me, bring me back
Come and take me home
Lift me up on your wings
And save this tired soul.

Like a father to son
Mercy hear my call, hear my call.
Bring me, bring me back
Safe within your walls, within your walls.

We’re your nation
And you’re the one
Who comes to save us
When we are done.

Col. Kemp

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