Famous Physician Exposes How US Medical System Caused COVID Deaths

by Phil Schneider

This might be shocking to many people. Dr. Kory argues that the norms of the hospital system today are corrupt. He believes that early treatment has not been used despite numerous studies that indicate that aggressive steroid use is very effective. Instead, the government policy has been to push the expensive Remdesivir drug that Dr. Kory explains has a negative or at least non-positive impact on patients suffering from the Coronavirus.

There are several issues that are problematic here. The main issue is that the Pharmaceutical companies are pushing their high-earning drugs that spike their earnings by hundreds of millions of dollars, while actively delegitimizing cheap medical treatments that do not add earnings to their pockets. The other issue is that there are too few people with way too much power who are making the medical decisions that are impacting the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Instead of having a decentralized decision-making system about medical treatments with a national board that recommends different treatments, the hospitals today are under enormous pressure to use specific drugs that many doctors think are not the best treatment for their patients. Doctors today no longer have the independence to decide the best treatment for their patients, but must follow the nationally prescribed protocols. Dr. Kory is one of the brave Doctors who has stood up to the pressure that is coming from the national institutions. Hear his side and decide what you think.

Dr. Kory Testimony Pleading in US Senate Back in December 2020

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