The Chilling Truth about the New Nuclear Iran Deal

by Phil Schneider

The “new and improved” Iran deal does much more than throw Israel under the bus yet again. It empowers Iran to become the next international nuclear threat. What the Obama-led Biden administration is in the midst of brokering is the creation of another North Korea in the Middle East. This will have repercussions for the entire Middle East, Europe, and soon the United States.

Anybody who thinks that the Iranian Ayatollahs will hesitate to bomb Europe or the United States has not learned the lessons of 9/11 or the hostage crisis of 1979. The leaders of Iran today are the students and relatives of the same people who kept all of the United States hostage to Iranian demands under the waning days of the Carter administration in 1979 and 1980.

But there is something fundamentally different between Iran on the one hand and Russia, China, and North Korea on the other hand. Vladimir Putin and the Chinese leadership care about their lives in this world. They are not very concerned about their lives in the after world. They probably don’t believe in life after this world. The Ayatollahs and their adherents are keenly focused on their lives in the next world. They care much less about their lives in this world. So a phone call from the White House or a visit from the European Union threatening them with fierce retribution if they bomb Europe or the United States will not scare Iran the way it would scare Putin or the Chinese leadership.

The Iranian leadership understands two things. Power and loss of power. The key to attacking the terrorist power structure of the Iranians is by killing them dead in their tracks. Donald Trump understood this and knocked off the chief terrorist of the Iranian Army. That scared the Iranians more than any other single act of an American President in decades. When the crippling sanctions of the Trump administration made it impossible for Iran to continue funding the nuclear build up, the Iranians understood this. The people of Iran understood the sanctions were due to their backward leadership that was leading Iran towards becoming an international pariah. Protests would have rocked Iran had the Biden administration not rehabilitated Iran. But now, Obama has led Biden towards step 2 of his policy of appeasement towards Iran. Iran will do to the world what Russia has done to the Ukraine. And Obama and Biden will blame Trump for not negotiating a peaceful settlement with Iran while things were calm. Obama needs to be defeated again – first in Congress in 2022, and then again in 2024. We need strong leadership in the Oval Office that does not bow to pressure from tyrants, but that makes tyrants scream uncle.

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