A Shocking Message That Every Koran-Loving Muslim Must Hear

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not a given that every Muslim will speak like this. But this Abu Dhabi Zionist has it right. So right.

If Only Every Muslim Spoke Out About This…

Yes, some have. There are those Muslims who have condemned the attack on Joseph’s Tomb. But sadly, not enough. There are so many Muslims in the world who are proud of the attack. And that is why it is so amazing that this Muslim, Loay al-Sharif, is speaking out. He called the vandalizing of the tomb a terror attack.

Loay al-Sharif is a Zionist who believes in real peace. He believes in Muslims and Jews being together! This man is a beacon of hope. He represents the possibilities that lie in the future. Loay al-Sharif is showing all of us what it can be like to have Jews and Muslims living peacefully.

It is crucial that his message be shared with the entire Muslim world and with the entire world at large.

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