TERROR IN NYC: Gunman Shoots Up Subway, Leaving At Least 29 Injured

by Gavriel Dan

A gunman dressed as a MTA worker released gas in a crowded NYC subway in Sunset Park and then proceeded to shoot up the subway.

The shooting left at least 29 injured and resulted in uncontrollable mayhem.

“An individual on that train donned what appeared to be a gas mask. He then took a canister out of his bag and opened it,” NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. “The train at that time began to fill with smoke. He then opened fire, striking multiple people on the subway and on the platform.” 

The suspect continues to be on the run. Investigators found jammed guns and explosives indicating that the damage could have been much worse.

Despite the level of the attack, police have refrained from saying it is terrorism.

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