The incredible performance that gave the Israeli rhythmic gymnastics team the gold

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow! The Israeli rhythmic gymnastics team is beyond talented. There is a reason they took home the gold medal!

Gymnastics in Israel

Israel has a good history of successful gymnastics teams and individual gymnasts. Linoy Ashram is well known for her talent and known as one of Israel’s top gymnasts.

This current win in Kiev can be added to the list of Israel’s many accomplishments over the last 72 years. For such a small country, Israel has really made a big name for itself.

Of course, not only in sports. But in the medical field, in technology, agriculture, military – you name it. Israel is accomplishing great things.

The question is, will the world see Israel for what it really is?

Seeing Israelis as Humans

Performances like these should help people see Israel as another country with humans. Much of the world views Israel as a terrorist country, despite the fact that Israel is a democracy. It is a free country. And when people view Israel and Israelis as inhumane, we need to show them the truth. We need to show them that Israel is filled with people who are human, not inhumane. Israel is filled with peace and love, not war and hate.

They participate in competitions, just like other countries do. They have dreams and hopes; worries and concerns.

If only the world could see Israel for all the good that they really are. If only the whole world could congratulate Israel for their big and small accomplishments. What a different place the world would be.

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