The terrifying truth about a Biden administration

by Leah Rosenberg

Do people realize the ramifications of a potential Biden administration? Do Americans realize what types of people he has chosen to fill critical positions?

Warning: Language

The Danger of a Biden Administration

This video speaks volumes. And it is not like he is sharing anything new. It is just the facts and the truth combined into a video so the world can see what having a Biden administration truly means. Biden and the people he has picked to fill various positions if he wins are all so far removed from reality. They cannot see the truth that is so obvious. And that is dangerous. That is terrifying. Not living in the reality of the rest of the world puts America and its allies in danger.

There is the refugee problem, which is thoroughly addressed in this video. The Western world has been put in danger because of Muslim migrants. And there are many, many other issues. Biden and his potential administration’s views on Israel are disastrous for Israel, the Middle East, and Israel’s relationship with America. Will the Obama Iran agreement actually be resuscitated under a Biden-led administration? Is the foreign policy of the United States going to be one that features multilateralism as a central part of it in order to avoid taking a leadership role in the world? It may seem like a minor shift, but the ramifications are enormous.

A Matter of Fact, not Opinion

So much hypocrisy. So many discrepancies. There are so many things wrong with what this potential Biden administration has said and done in the past and what they plan to do in the future. What is said in this video is not really opinion – it is factual. It is the truth. You cannot disagree that the sun is yellow. That is a matter of fact. And so is all of the information about Biden.

Thinking about a future with Biden as president is frightening. Things he says he will do, the people he nominated to keep America safe – what will be?

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