Sec of State Pompeo with a must-hear message about US foreign policy

by Leah Rosenberg

US foreign policy has been strong over the last four years under Trump. What will the future hold with a potentially new administration?

Don’t Change US Foreign Policy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addresses an extremely important issue. What will happen to US foreign policy if Biden ends up becoming the next president? Over the last four years, the US has been strong. The foreign policy under the leadership of President Trump has helped create more stability in the Middle East and even peace. Why would any future president want to ruin that?

Obama cannot say the same thing about his eight years of presidency. In just four years, President Trump accomplished great things. The fear is that Joe Biden will continue on the same path as Obama as oppose to Trump. And that will be disastrous for everyone. We know how weak Obama was when dealing with Iran. We know how he treated Israel and did not maintain as strong of a relationship as Trump has.

America, the Middle East, and the world have been safer because of Trump’s foreign policies. There has been more freedom.

If you officially win, Mr. Biden, please – do not take those freedoms and security away.

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