Israeli gymnast wows the judges with gold medal winning club routine

by Chaya Cikk

This amazing Israeli gymnast, Linoy Ashram, absolutely amazes the judges. For this winning routine, she receives a gold medal! These moves are amazing! I don’t know how she does them.

Israeli Gymnast

Linoy Ashram, a 20-year-old from Rishon Letzion won a gold medal doing this amazing routine with these clubs. Ashram does some amazing moves that I wish I could do. Linoy is a star and she is going places!

Additionally, this is a side of Israel that people do not see. A side that doesn’t involve terror or war. The media, most of the time does not show the good things Israel does in the world. The aid they send to countries in need, the amount of Arabs from Gaza being treated in hospitals in Israel and so much more.

There is so much hate in this world towards Israel and these amazing athletes are trying to get out there and show the world what Israeli’s are really like. Additionally, they are proving that Israel is a not bad a country. They show the world what Israelis are truly made of.

Most noteworthy, when an athlete wins a gold medal it is their national anthem that is played. Consequently, when an Israeli wins a gold medal Hatikva is played loud and clear across the speakers for all to hear.

European Games

The European Games is a multi-sports event, it is held every four years and includes athletes from many different countries. This year in 2019, Minsk had the pleasure of hosting the Games. Israel has been sending athletes to the European Games since 2015.

Furthermore, this is a great event to help countries forget about day to day troubles and enjoy themselves. Sports includes so many different categories such as dance, swimming, judo, badminton, wrestling and so much more. Choose a category and start training, you might be the next gold medalist.

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