The IDF’s “Owl” that Protects the State of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The state of Israel may be small in size but not in any other way. Check out one of Israel’s most important pieces of machinery.

The State of Israel and its “Owl”

Of course, G-d protects the state of Israel and the Jewish people. But He sends messengers Israel’s way! And those messengers include soldiers, technology, and machinery that all help Israel succeed.

One of those pieces of technology is this helicopter. Some call it “Yanshuf” (Owl), and some call it the Black Hawk helicopter. The idea is the same: It is a major asset to the Israeli Air Force.

For those who know Israel’s history, it is amazing how far Israel has come. The Jewish people have been persecuted for thousands of years. Nation after nation have come and tried to destroy the people of Israel. And time and time again, the Jewish people have survived. They put their destruction behind them and rebuilt. So much so that they rebuilt their ancient homeland. Yes, the state of Israel may be “modern,” but the land of Israel is anything but modern.

“Yanshuf” is more than just a piece of technology. It is a symbol and reminder that the Jewish people are strong and brave; determined and independent. The people of Israel now have their own army to defend them from the evils of the world; their own state to call home. Every Jew is welcome. Every Jew is encouraged to come.

We are just waiting for our brethren to make the jump.

Col. Kemp

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