Arab Terror Strikes Again: Terrorist Throws Molotov cocktail at the Jewish Town of Tekoa

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish town of Tekoa is in the heartland of Israel, in Samaria. Thank G-d, no one was hurt this time. Will the Leftist media report this?

Terrorist Tries to Harm Jewish Town of Tekoa

Once again, Arab terrorists are trying to harm the Jewish people in their own homeland. You do not see Jewish people instigating their Arab neighbors and attacking them like this…on a daily basis! It is enough!

And the Leftist Israeli media has been focusing on the fact that the religious Jews who live in the mixed Jewish-Muslim cities are at fault for the massive Muslim violence and riots that took place in May. All while they continuously ignore the root cause of the violence, which is the Muslim Arab desire to cause damage to the Jewish State of Israel, for one reason: To destroy us.

The Palestinian Arabs don’t want their own land or state. They have been offered that many times. All they want is to destroy the Jewish people and the one and only Jewish state. And somehow, they have the Left and much of the world in on their lies.

Col. Kemp

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