Biden Falsely Claims He Visited Synagogue After Mass Shooting – but Trump Really Did

by Phil Schneider

It is a reasonable mistake that President Biden thought he had visited the synagogue when in truth he had just called the synagogue. After all, he made hundreds of visits and phone calls during his Presidential campaign. It’s perfectly normal that he forgot that one detail – even if he did not have a problem with his cognition. So, should this be a major issue? No, but the fact that Joe Biden’s cognition is almost definitely impaired is indeed a major issue.

Donald Trump was an old President – well into his 70’s. But everything about him did not seem old at all. He actually acted in a childlike manner more than like an old man. Joe Biden was a gregarious Senator and a a gregarious Vice President. But within the four years of the Trump Presidency, Joe Biden became a shell of his old self. All of his opponents know it, and most of his supporters also admit it quietly between themselves.

For years, the Democrats spoke about how character matters and that was why they were opposed to Donald Trump. Well, they were right that character matters. But cognition is even more important. Why? Well, just look at the horrible decisions that were made in Afghanistan. How on earth could any President justify leaving Afghanistan in a situation that the Taliban could capture – with relative ease – so many billions of dollars of American weapons. A small terrorist network has now become a mini-power in the Middle East. Does Biden understand what he has done? It looks like he doesn’t truly get it. That is the sad reality we are in now.

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