Six Terrorists Escape From Israeli Prison, Hamas Threatens War If They Are Caught

by Gavriel Dan

Right before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, 6 terrorists escaped through a tunnel from Israel’s maximum security prison Gilboa in the country’s north. They have yet to be caught and according to authorities can be anywhere in Israel.

At first authorities were shocked that the 6 inmates were able to dig a tunnel by themselves, but quickly realized they must have had help from the inside. The terrorists are still at large and are thought to be looking to attacking Israelis over the holiday.

To make matters more complicated, Hamas is threatening retaliation if the prisoners are apprehended dead or alive.

PM Bennett is currently in security assessments in connection to the ongoing incident.

While it is clear that this was planned over the last year, it is Bennett’s government who will bear the brunt of the public’s scrutiny over its handling of the prison break. With the left in control of internal security in the Bennett-Lapid government and Mansour Abbas’ Islamic fundamentalist party in the government, the public is yearning for the return of a real rightwing government.

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