The IDF Remains a Moral Army

by Phil Schneider

To live on the Gaza border in the State of Israel is somewhere between a pastoral paradise and hell. For the last 15 years, occasional rockets fall on Israeli communities. They don’t just fall from the sky – they are are bombs that Hamas terrorists fire, balloons that are sent over the border with explosives, and other forms of incendiary devices that are “delivered” into Israeli agriculture in order to cause massive destruction. How did all of this begin? Was it ever better in these parts of the State of Israel? The answer is a clear – Yes.

In the summer of 2005, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon strong-armed his decision through the Knesset and coerced the Israeli country into implementing a policy of withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. He basically threatened to fire any Minister who did not vote for his plan, despite the fact that his political platform that he got elected on was the polar opposite of the withdrawal plan. Before Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, Arab terrorists in Khan Yunis, Gaza City and other towns had focused their missiles on the Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip. The communities stood strong and built up agricultural empires that got stronger from year to year. They did not weaken, but the leadership of the State of Israel, specifically Ariel Sharon, weakened. He caved in. They did not. Sharon promised that Israel would be better off if they withdrew and that if the Arabs dared shoot missiles over the border, then Israel would respond with overwhelming force. The promise of overwhelming force is common when Israeli leaders show weakness. The Arabs saw right through it and did not feel threatened.

Nearly 15 years later, Israel has now endured thousands of missiles into Israeli neighborhoods and nearly every agricultural area in the south of Israel has been threatened or burned down by arson terrorism. Even the Tel-Aviv area has occasionally been targeted by the missiles that have been manufactured in the Gaza Strip. Basically, Israel created a small terrorist state on their southwestern border when they withdrew from the area. There was an indeed an alternative that was much much better – staying in the Gaza Strip. One day, Israel will return in order to restore peace and quiet to Israel’s south.

Col. Kemp

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