Bernie Sanders Shocks The Debate With His Views On Israel

by Micha Gefen

Bernie Sanders is truly a revolutionary. In the South Carolina debate he shocked the moderator and the audience as well as Israel supporters across the country by saying he would have to consider moving the US Embassy back to Tel Aviv.

The question is: why? Why does Bernie Sanders hold antagonistic views against Israel. After all he is a Jew .

Yet, Bernie’s religion and cultural milieu is Marxism.

Bernie Sanders like many who have developed a Marxist world outlook envisions class warfare and its manifestations within a broader neocolonial framework as the real obstacle to peace. In Bernie’s mind, history is neither a marker of some sort of truth text nor can it be a basis of any sort of claim on a piece of Land. Rather, what matters to Bernie and those in his revolution are where things stand now. For them, it is Israel as a capitalis, Western backed entity, which is infringing on the rights of the “native Palestinians.”

Of course, the truth is the opposite. Already by the 1860’s Jews were a plurality in Jerusalem and by the 1880s a majority. The “Palestinian” wave of immigration did not begin until the early 1900s. Of course there were Arab clans here. Some can even trace themselves back to Jews who never left, but most came to look for work at the twilight of the Ottoman Empire and in the beginning of the British Mandate.

“Israel is Racist”

Bernie believes that it is Israel that must give to the “Palestinians” because it is Israel that has the upper hand. One cannot prosper in the world of Bernie. A person or a country that does so, must being doing so at the expanse of another. After all it is Israel, who is “racist” and it is the “Palestinians” who are victims of this “racism”

In his mind, it is the “Palestinians” that are the righteous ones since they are the ones who are suffering and it is Israel who is winning only because the “Palestinians” are suffering.

For Bernie Sanders Trump’s embassy move is the real obstacle to peace, because it denies what he believes is the true narrative of the region and that is the “Palestinian one.”

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