Bennett on Gaza: “We Are Preparing a Meaningful Move”

by Phil Schneider

Israeli Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett is right in noting that Israel is caught up in a back and forth situation with terrorists in Gaza that is not to it’s advantage. Despite the fact that the Hamas in Gaza does not pose an existential threat to the entire State of Israel like the Hizbullah in Lebanon or Iran, the Hamas is still able to wreak havoc rather easily on the southern region of the State of Israel. Moreover, in today’s day and age, the missiles in the Hamas arsenal are also able to reach the massive population of millions of Israelis in the Tel-Aviv area.

Iran and It’s Tentacles

Iran understood a few decades ago that they would be better served in their fight against Israel if they armed the militias on Israeli borders while they focused on building up their nuclear weapons to deliver a fatal blow to Israel. So, they built up the tentacle plan – a plan that includes many of their proxies all around Israel. Defense Minister Bennett understands well that when Israel fights Hamas, it is part of a greater battle against Iran. The same goes for Hizbullah. So, he is working on a more comprehensive strategy to dry up the flow of arms from Iran to it’s proxies.

The Iranian threat is weakening from day to day. The economic sanctions that have been put in place by the Trump administration are getting the job done. According to nearly every Iranian expert, the Iranian regime is struggling internally due to the sanctions. This of course has a direct impact on the flow of weapons out of Iran. But there needs to be more than just an economic weakening. Israel needs to disrupt the actual flow of weapons smuggling – by sea, by land, or by air. But most of all, Israel must have a zero tolerance strategy versus any form of terror infrastructure in Gaza. That means that all weapons manufacturing must be destroyed. And, yes, if that means, Israel must retake the Gaza Strip, then that is what they must do. But, the civilian population must be protected. That is the most basic thing that the leadership of a country must do – protect it’s citizens.

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