Iran Still Wants To Destroy Israel (and America too)

by Micha Gefen

IRGC Commander-in-Chief Gen. Salami says he has one focus and that is to annihilate Israel and after that drive America from the region.

It seems that Iran has not learned anything from America’s elimination of arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani. After all General Salami insists “They [Trump and Netanyahu] have dug their graves in the Islamic world with their policy.”

Iran has continued to lead a belligerent stance towards both Israel and the USA, even after suffering a number of set backs both at the hands of the IAF and the US military. However, their policy may be far more strategic and long tail than is usually assumed.

Iran has always planned on waiting out the Trump administration for a president far more amicable to their needs. Right now Trump’s approval rating may be 52% (according to Rassmuesen) but with a stock market in free fall and the world on the verge of economic collapse, Trump is anything but a shoe in.

This is why Gen. Salami insists that at the end of the day “Israel cannot rely on the USA.” If Bernie Sanders wins he may very well be right.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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