Little Boy Excited to “Shoot Jews” in Palestinian Authority Promoted Video

by Avi Abelow

This video is an absolute disgrace. Children are used as child soldiers and child martyrs in this sick palestinian Arab society. Mothers are proud that their children die in “martyrdom”. The palestinian Arab society is not a society interested in peace. What else do people need to see in order to internalize this very sad reality?

Where is the outcry from all those “moral” and “enlightened” people who promote the two-state solution and pressure Israel to give away our land to this horrible and immoral Palestinian Authority? Their silence against the evil in the Palestinian Authority is immoral and turns them into supporters of terror. It is a sad and simple fact, that they all prefer to ignore.

This video was promoted on the Fatah facebook page. Fatah is a military wing of the Palestinian Liberation Organization that runs the Palestinian Authority. Mahmoud Abbas is the head of the PLO and Fatah!

This is the sad reality that Israel has to deal with today. Leaders of the “enlightened”, Western world who ignore this evil that Israel has to deal with day after day.

Anyone who truly care about the Muslim Arabs who live in Judea, Samari and Gaza would support Israel destroying the terror infrastructure in those areas, to free the Arab Muslims from the oppression they experience under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Anyone who does not support that simple solution to our situation doesn’t truly care about those Arabs, they are just using them as pawns to weaken Israel.

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