Ex-Terrorist Shocks Israeli Teenagers with the Truth About the Two-State Solution

by Avi Abelow

This Arab Muslim lecturer once was a terrorist who tried to kill Israelis and IDF soldiers. He feels he was blessed because he was stopped before he blew himself up as a suicide bomber and instead arrested and jailed in Israel. This saved his life!

Jailtime was good for him, since he concluded that he did not want to sacrifice his life for a cause that didn’t care about him, so he stopped being a terrorist and was then tortured by the Palestinian Authority secret services who thought that he was a traitor.

Subsequently, he escaped to Israel and today lives as an Isaeli citizen in the Israeli city of Haifa.

He now dedicates his life to trying to stop Arab Muslims from wanting to kill Jews. He also lectures to Jewish audiences trying to convince them that the left which supports the two-state solution is the problem, not the solution.

The video above is from a lecture to High School students where he was explaining that voting for the leftwing parties that support a two-state solution is bad, and hence they must only vote for the right-wing parties that are against the two-state solution.
It would be a disaster to establish a country for people with a culture of murder and bloodshed, and to educate them for generations that Jews should become food for fish.
Under no circumstances is a Palestinian state established.

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