These Leftists Show Why It’s Dangerous on College Campuses

by Micha Gefen

The following video is absolutely scary. Conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett went to Ohio State as she does other campuses to interview students. What transpired is something out of a movie.

In the above video students can be seen screaming “fascist” and other words at Kaitlin and her group as they attempt to interview students on Ohio State Campus.

Students can be seen chasing down her vehicle, throwing objects, cursing, and more destructive behavior. Of course the students insist Kaitlin is the fascist and intolerant.

US college campuses are increasingly becoming hotbeds of intolerance, fascism, and violence all in the name of inclusivity and freedom of speech. Of course, all of these students are the real fascists.

Kaitlin’s ordeal is not isolated as has been noted.

Since the riot Kaitlin was interviewed by FOX.

Of course the scary thing about the video is that baseless hatred is spreading across the US. One must wonder – will it ever stop?

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