Bibi Shows Why He Keeps On Winning

by Phil Schneider

This song that Prime Minister Netanyahu sings is one of the most popular songs in the State of Israel. It comes from Psalms, and is a favorite in both Sephardic and Ashkenazic happy occasions. The words basically express the longing of Jerusalem to praise God and for all of it’s children to be blessed. The guitar players are famous Israeli radio show hosts, Shimon Riklin and Arel Segal. The co-singer is Yinon Magal, a former Member of Knesset and TV reporter.

The most important emotions that we feel are often expressed in song. When it comes to the Jewish people, songs about Jerusalem are frequently the topic. The longing for Jerusalem has been such a strong concept in Jewish tradition from the time of the destruction of the 1st Jewish Temple – around 2,500 years ago. It is expressed in the daily prayers numerous times and every time a blessing after a meal is made. On all of the major Jewish holidays, there is a strong motive of yearning for the rebuilding of Jerusalem also. At every wedding ceremony, the yearning for Jerusalem is an essential part of the ceremony. This is something that so many of the Jewish people – especially in the Land of Israel associate so deeply with.

That is the definition of a true tie to a Land. When a people dream of rebuilding their Temple and a time when the entire Jewish people have at their epicenter, the service of God in Jerusalem, that is how an eternal bond is created and maintained and passed down through the generations. Prime Minister Netanyahu is tapping into this idea when he sits on the couch and sings the song with these proud Israeli journalists.

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