Terrorist Says This Before Attack

by Phil Schneider

Young people who dream about killing Israeli soldiers are not the kind of people we can build a happy future with. There are way too many young Arabs in the Land of Israel today who dream of horrible things and not of normal things that young people dream about. The passions that drive so many of the Arabs is driven by sermons in Mosques and negative stereotypes of everything Jewish in the Land of Israel. We need a different plan of action in order to get the passions focused on other things.

At the core of the United States Mideast Peace Plan is an understanding that what has been attempted till today simply has not worked on nearly any level. The corruption of the Arab leadership has led to a situation wherein young Arabs see corruption as leading to power. In addition, they believe much of the exaggerations and lies of their leadership concerning Israelis. So, young Arabs end up with a strong cynicism and a deep hatred, and no true role models to look up to that can lead to a peaceful future.

The key towards making a fundamental change will come when young Arabs dream of getting out of a state of hopelessness and living in a state of financial freedom. So, many of them today buy into the fiction that if only they have their own State on the ashes of the Jewish State, then they will have all of the financial success of the Start-Up Nation. With that logic, if you give a bunch of terrorists a Space Shuttle, then they should also be able to do some space exploration. But we have already seen what happens when Israel takes a swath of the Holy Land and gives it away to the Arabs. They did this in Gaza in 2005. The Arabs swiftly “voted” in a terrorist Hamas leadership and have since spent most of their international aid building up terrorist tunnels and lobbing thousands of missiles over the border for the last decade and more.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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