The “Beatles” Election Ad That Is Changing Israeli Politics

by Phil Schneider

Benjamin Netanyahu has indeed established himself as a legendary Israeli and world leader. Bibi – as most call him – has probably been the most successful Israeli Prime Minister on the world stage since the beginning of the Israeli State. He is admired even by his opponents across the world.

Barack Obama made it clear that he was ushering in an age of non-friendship with the leadership of the State of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu understood how dangerous this was and negotiated a problematic policy of a settlement freeze in order to assuage Obama during the first 2 years of the Obama presidency. But he didn’t budge on Iran. On that issue, he doubled down and fought tooth and nail to keep Obama from doing what he did – give in to every Iranian demand with appeasement. His settlement policy was very unpopular among most of his core supporters. But, two years later, Obama lost his control of Congress and was not as dominant as he had been previously. Then, Netanyahu, turned to world leader and led a relatively successful PR campaign against the Iranian deal – in Congress and in the UN.

The deal was signed, but most reasonable people, and the entire right wing side of Congress and the Senate knew that Bibi was right. So, when Donald Trump was elected President, getting rid of the Iranian deal was a high priority. We have alot to thank Prime Minister Netanyahu for, but drying up Iran along with President Trump may be his most important accomplishment.

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