Israel Strikes Back in Gaza

by Micha Gefen

Israel retaliates against being attacked by 40 plus rockets in 24 hours by the Islamic Jihad, an Iranian backed terrorist group, rising in popularity in the strip.

Stuck right before the elections, the Israeli government is trying to walk a tight rope between an all out invasion of the strip and doing nothing at all. With this in mind the IDF struck targets in Gaza and also Islamic Jihadi locations in Syria.

The message was clear. Instead of targeting Hamas with whom the government is negotiating a long term truce, it singled out Islamic Jihad as its enemy in this round of fighting.

Despite this a threat of a real operation has loomed over much of the rhetoric as the security cabinet knows that the government cannot hold out for long.

Meanwhile schools are to remain closed and shelters open in the South, until the fighting subsides.

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