Jordan Peterson Shows How To Push Back Against Crazy Leftists

by Phil Schneider

“Is a trans-woman a real woman?” This kind of question gets thrown at Jordan Peterson as if it is a reasonable question. Is “equality of outcome” something you believe we should have in the prisons too? This kind of razor-sharp logic is one of the reasons that Jordan Peterson’s books have become unbelievably popular bestsellers.

Straight facts and straight logic. Jordan understands things on levels that are so much more clear-headed than others. “Most people who commit suicide are men.” So, should we strive to have equality there too?

Jordan understands and explains that we live in the greatest generation that has ever existed. And he understands that Marxist and Socialist ideas have led to 100 million corpses – via Soviet, Chinese and Nazi domination. Therefore, anything that smacks of socialism is not just wrong – it is downright dangerous. Jordan has established himself as a genuine authority on modern history and psychology. That creates a fantastic combo. That is why he knows how to pick apart a socialist better than anyone else. The whole idea of the old guard of communists actually being the ones with the right ideals is completely absurd. But Peterson points this out and rips it apart better than anyone else. Most of all, he takes apart the PC culture and explains that we need to grow up and be willing to understand that offending someone is inevitable in any group setting, and that’s OK.

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