Bernie Sanders is Scaring Israel’s Left

by Avi Abelow

Yair Lapid is an Israeli politician from the left, who camouflages himself as a “centrist”, hoping to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu. And even he is worried about Bernie Sanders becoming President of the US!

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Understand, I’m no fan of Yair Lapid and his Blue & White Party. Lapid supported destroying all the Jewish communities in Gaza and expelling 10,000 Jews from their homes, and he supports continuing that appeasing and destructive strategy in Judea & Samaria. And here I find myself congratulating him for being right about how dangerous a Bernie Sanders presidency will be to Israel.

Even a broken clock can be right twice a day!

Bernie Sanders is scaring Israel’s left too, not just the right! Even Israel’s left understand that Sanders positions are anti-Israel.

Bernie Sanders said he wants to take away US defense spending on Israel and give it to Gaza instead! Hamas rules Gaza! If Sanders became President he would give money to Hamas, instead of Israel, and the money wouldn’t even go to the Gazans who need it!

If Bernie Sanders truly cared about the Gazans he would allow Israel to destroy the terror infrastructure in Gaza that is oppressing Gazans.

As if that is not enough, Sanders, who proudly speaks at Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizational event that are blatantly anti-Israel, like ISNA, tweeted this week that he won’t attend the DC annual AIPAC conference. AIPAC is a bi-partisan pac that lobbies for US support of Israel. It’s bi-partisan! AIPAC always has Democrats attend and speak. Bill Clinton, Baras Obama, Hillary Clinton. All Democrat leaders have spoken at AIPAC. But Bernie Sanders won’t.

Thankfully even Israeli leftists understand how dangerous Bernie Sanders is, too bad our American counterparts don’t.

AIPAC’s Response to Bernie Sanders

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