Israel Strikes Gaza & Syria Targets in Retaliation for Massive Missile Attack

by Avi Abelow

Gaza terrorists have shot over 40 rockets into Israel over the past 24 hours. In retaliation, Israel has struck targets in Gaza and Syria!

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Attacking Gaza targets is understood. But why are we attacking targets in Syria? Simply, because leaders of the Islamic Jihad terror group responsible for the rockets launched on Israel live in Syria. We just killed one of the main terrorist leaders Akram Ajuri. Islamic Jihad is actually an Iranian proxy Iran used in its strategic war against Israel.

One of the reasons Israel has yet to totally eliminate the terror and rocket threats from Gaza is because any attack on Gaza will instigate a much bigger military conflict with the true enemy behind Gaza, Iran. Attacking Gaza will activate the more dangerous Iranian front against Israel, the Lebanon front where Hizbullah has over 150,000 rockets, much more dangerous than the Gaza rockets.

Israel knows that any massive operation in Gaza will most likely be a two or even three front military operation against Iran.

Syria is the third front! Which is why Israel has done so much to strike Down any and all Iranian armaments and military buildups.

The second major reason Israel has yet to militarily solve the Gaza issue is a sad one, our military leaders up until now were leftists who stopped all military plans that would have properly dealt with the Gaza problem. The previous IDF Chiefs of staff were Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi, leaders of the Blue & White Party trying to overthrow Netanyahu, and both Gantz & Ashkenazi held back the army from properly dealing with the Gaza terror. Gantz is on record as not even taking considering the Gaza terror tunnels as threats to Israel and hence he did not prepare operational plans to destroy them! It was only because of then Education Minister Naftali Bennet who turned over tables screaming about the threat of the terror tunnels, that Gantz’s hand was forced to militarily destroy them.

Thankfully, Israel finally has an IDF Chief of staff, Aviv Kochavi, who proudly says that the purpose of the IDF is to win and protect. Unlike Gantz & Ashkenazi’s strategy which was to ‘manage’ the conflict.

Does anyone need any better reason why not to vote Blue & White and allow Gantz to become Prime Minister?

Another Reason NOT to Vote for Gantz, Blue & White Party

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