Netanyahu Contender Proud of Endangering IDF Lives in Gaza Battle

by Avi Abelow

Benny Gantz is a former IDF Chief of Staff. Now, he is being pushed as the contender with the best hope of the left to replace PM Netanyahu as Prime Minister in the upcoming elections in April.

The following video statement, where Gantz admits to feeling proud in being responsible for endangering IDF lives in a Gaza battle, is proof that the left only enables the continuation of war & terror. This is the opposite of any peace they proclaim to want to achieve. Unfortunately, Gantz represents a school of thought that has taken over much of Israel’s IDF high command. Even with a right-wing government and right-wing Ministers, we still have this problem of left-wing establishment thinking, even in the IDF.

Moral Confusion

Today’s left-wing western morality police have brainwashed the masses to believe that protecting the lives of innocent civilians, being used as human shields to protect murdering terrorists, is more important than saving the lives of innocent people, civilians and soldiers, who could be killed by the terrorists.

The Hard Truth

So long as a mass of Israelis are willing to vote for a potential leader, like Gantz, who is proud of endangering IDF soldiers instead of murdering terrorists, in order to not kill others by mistake, humanity will continue to suffer from brutal terror in the name of Islam. Peace will continue to be impossible. Yes, it is that simple.

The genocidal Islamic culture of murder, that we deal with in Israel daily, uses its elderly, women and children as human shields. They take advantage of our morality to protect their genocidal war against us. The West and Israel will not win this war by allowing them to take advantage of our morality.

The question people should be asking is ‘Is it truly moral to endanger our own lives to protect the lives of human shields?’ That is a question that should be discussed. Yet it is not even posed as a question for public debate. It is automatically assumed, as Gantz demonstrates, that the moral thing to do is to endanger our own lives to save the enemy’s human shields.

However, I believe that is an inversion of morality. By endangering our own lives, we lead to the death of our own innocent people as well as ensure that the tactic of human shields continues and the Islamic terror against us all continues. That is IMMORAL!

The best way to end genocidal Islamic terror and their despicable use of innocent people as human shields is to kill the terrorists even if they are being protected by human shields. That is the moral thing to do to save all of humanity. Otherwise, the terrorists in the name of Islam will continue to terrorize all of us, and continue to terrorize their own.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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