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Bernie Sanders Said This About Israel


Bernie Sanders, once fringe Democratic Socialist and now frontrunner for the Democratic Nomination has always expressed anti-Israel views, but his response to a question from an audience member has now mainstreamed his views.

Senator Sanders was asked about his future policy towards Israel and ended his explanation by saying, “We can be for the Israeli people and peace in the Middle East does not mean we have to support right-wing racist governments that currently exist in Israel.”

While this should not come as a surprise to anyone since Sanders accepts the support of AOC, Sarsour, and Tlaib among other antisemites, but the effect that this comment on national TV is harmful to Israel and the Jewish people and their supporters.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said in response, “Sanders says he supports the Israeli people, just not their democratic government. As it happens, the policies that Sanders calls racist are supported by all the major contenders to be the next Israeli prime minister and by the vast majority of Israeli voters, because they defend the basic national security needs of the Jewish state.”

“It is outrageous that a mainstream US political party candidate for president would call the Israeli government racist. It’s especially ironic to hear that from Sanders, who has chosen virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic individuals to represent him as surrogates in his campaign and who has been endorsed by a Who’s Who of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic personalities,” added Brooks.

“Start with surrogates Linda Sarsour (who described herself as ‘an unapologetic pro-BDS, one-state solution supporting resistance supporter’) and Amer Zahr (who tweeted: ‘Describing defenders of Israel as ‘scumbags,’ ‘pigs,’ and ‘bastards’ is not necessary. ‘Zionist’ is sufficiently insulting”). Then there are the endorsements from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), whose anti-Semitic comments are well documented.”