Coronavirus Comes To Israel

by Micha Gefen

While Israel has largely been spared from Coronavirus, the deadly pandemic now raging in China, three Israelis who have contracted the disease are on their way back to Israel under medical care and quarantine.

These Israelis contracted the virus while on board the now infamous Diamond Princess Cruise ship, which has hundred of infected passengers. While there was some worry that the Israelis would no be able to disembark, once the USA got their citizens off, Israel quickly followed suit on Wednesday.

Many experts have considered the cruise ship an important opportunity to see close up how the virus spreads. Yet, as more and more passengers are becoming ill with two fatalities reported today, both the US and Israel had to make a move.

The US passengers were flown to a medical facility in Nebraska that is designed to be protected and also built to house these sorts of cases where experts can hopefully learn more about the virus.

The coronavirus has spread rapidly throughout China. Actual mortality rates reported by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) are not trusted and many experts believe there could be tens of thousands of deaths already.

While many countries, including Israel have offered to lend a hand to the Chinese, access has been denied with experts calling this their biological Chernobyl.

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