The future of radar technology is in Israel’s hands

by Leah Rosenberg

Did you ever think a country just 70 years old can be leading the future of radar technology? Well, Israel has impressed the world, yet again!

Radar Technology

This video shows how advanced Israel is. Israeli companies are doing unbelievable things for their own country and for the world. The fact that the Israeli company Arbe’s image resolutions are 100 times higher than other companies’ technologies is unreal. A country so young like Israel has accomplished so much in such a short time. If you would have told a Jew 100 years ago that Israel would be one of the world leader’s in technology, they would have laughed. They would not have even imagined what Israel actually has become

The Start-Up Nation

One of Israel’s nicknames is the Startup nation. After learning about all that Israel has invented and developed, it makes sense. Google “Startup.” The definition is: (1) The action or process of setting something in motion. (2) A newly established business. If you think about the first definition, it is so fitting for Israel. They have set in motion an entire existence of a Jewish state. And aside from benefitting their own people, they have set in motion an entire world of medical breakthroughs, technology, inventions, innovation, and more.

So yes, it is fascinating and commendable what an Israeli company has developed for autonomous driving. And the entire world should acknowledge that. But is it surprising that Israel has developed something so advanced? Based on what they have accomplished thus far, it is not surprising at all.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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