PM Netanyahu Finally Punishing the Palestinian Authority?

by Avi Abelow

The Palestinian Authority is a terror organization, and it should finally be treated as such. It rewards terrorists and educates children to murder Jews. As a result of the latest brutal murder of 19 year old Ori Ansbacher, Israeli PM Netanyahu finally announced that he will implement the law passed last year to deduct funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority that equals the amount the PA pays terrorists as a reward. This is too little too late.

The Story of the Punishment that Should Be Implemented

The Israel Secret Service agent entered the cell of the terrorist who brutally murdered 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher.

The happy terrorist smiled at him and said to the secret service man: “What did you bring me, gifts?”
The secret service man replied, “Yes, how did you know?” The secret service man opened a computer, showing the terrorist a live video of an IDF force raiding his parent’s home in Hebron. The officer then informs the terrorist that his family had 10 minutes to pack and leave their home. The terrorist then asks: What is this ?! The GSS man answers him: Patience, watch to the end.

The terrorist then sees his parents, his brother, his wife, and his children, blindfolded and loaded onto vehicles with all their belongings in garbage bags. The terrorist watching begins to shout and curse, screaming: “What is this?? You must not do that! Where are you taking them?
 The secret service agent shows the terrorist a document and says to him: “You know what this is? This is a deportation order for your family signed by the defense minister, and now your family is moving to their new home in Syria.
As you sent the girl’s family to a world of suffering. Now your family will suffer all their lives as well.

The terrorist is sitting in shock, crying and the secret service man says to him: “What’s wrong, you’re not smiling anymore?” The terrorist shouted, “You Israelis are not like that!”

The secret service agent continues and says “then don’t not worry, we will not let you suffer much. He then shows the terrorist another document. The terrorist laughs and says: “Are you threatening me? You have no law of death, you are a moral people!” The secret service agent replies “don’t worry, we are not giving you the death penalty, you will have at least 50 years to think with yourself about what you have done and how your family is suffering in Syria.

Better than the death penalty for terrorists, we are not going to turn you into a martyr or a hero. You are a nothing, air. Your mother will be sitting in Syria, without food and without electricity, your wife will become a slave of ISIS, and they will not know if you are dead. All this while you are alive, as a nothing, even though you wanted to be a hero-martyr. The death sentence is too good for your scum. And that’s morality!

Then I awoke to this dream haunting me about the next terror attack because today this is not how terrorists are punished today.


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