Anti-Israel legislation makes its way to the US government

by Phil Schneider

Some Democrats in the Congress today claim that they oppose the BDS movement, but they think that people should have the rights to express BDS views. This is called anti-semitism in Congress. Get used to it. It will just grow and grow as the Muslim population grows in the United States.

The BDS is the New Organized Anti-Semitism

Today, there is a new stylish form of anti-semitism. It is called support for BDS. It is support for a boycott, for economic pressure against the State of Israel. Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats support this anti-Israel measure too. Today, it is not out-of-style to support BDS in the progressive crowd. So, rather than say that one is anti-Israel, there is a more acceptable way of doing it. It is called being “unopposed to the BDS.” What needs to be said loud and clear is that the entire goal of the BDS movement is the destruction of the State of Israel. So, if one is “unopposed to the BDS,” they are unopposed to the destruction of the State of Israel. Of course, they won’t admit that. But that is the essential truth.

The drive of these new congresswomen is pure hatred of the State of Israel. But it also is the progressive socialist agenda that Bernie Sanders espoused. In a nutshell, the two unfortunately go hand-in-hand. But they ought not. Even the genuine progressives ought to realize that Israel is the most “progressive” country in the Middle East. The radical congresswomen should be marginalized. Even the progressives in the Democratic Party should know better.

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