ISIS terrorists are in Canada and threaten their former victims

by Phil Schneider

Are their terrorist threats in North America that live in North America? Their is ample evidence that the answer is yes. How serious are these threats? That is the larger question mark. It may be that the threats today are exaggerated. Or maybe not. But the one threat that is perfectly clear and not hidden by anyone is the fact that proponents of a weak attitude towards immigration are in the highest levels of government in both Canada and the United States.

A Gradually Growing Threat

There are significant numbers of minorities in both the United States and Canada. This is something to both be proud about and to be concerned about. Over the decades, the pendulum swings from one side to another on the issue of immigration. Sometimes the focus is on bringing in more people in order to build the country (settle the West, etc..) But sometimes, the concern is that more and more groups of people who come en masse will change the very basis of our Western lifestyle. So, then lots of clarion calls come out to slow things down. Now is one of those stages in history when it is time to be more careful about who we let in.

Democratically, there will be more and more leaders that are voted in that truly aim to eradicate the basic morals and values of the countries we live in. It’s either we stick to an enlightened democracy or we curb immigration. If we try to grab both sides, we will end up with chaos from within. This threat is hard to see as it grows in a gradual way. But it can be measured via demographic changes that bring to the election of candidates that espouse ideas that are anathema to the vast majority of the West.

Let’s keep travelling to Europe and learning the history of Europe. But let’s hold on to the democracy to the West of the Atlantic by exercising extra care about who we let in and who we don’t.

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