Amnesty International targets tourist websites for listing Jewish holy sites

by Leah Rosenberg

What is Amnesty International? Well, they definitely are against the Jewish people and state, that’s for sure. Here is some of their latest antisemitism.

Amnesty International

When you go to Amnesty International’s website, it talks all about human rights. Their goal is to help people get their rights, and they say they protect human rights. That sounds so nice, if it were true. But it’s not. When it comes to Israel, Amnesty International is one of the worst. They target Jewish holy sites. They say it is a violation of human rights to visit Jewish holy sites such as the Western Wall. That is completely absurd!

Targeting Tourist Websites

And now they are pressuring tourist websites to remove listings of Jewish holy sites and properties of what they consider to be “occupied territories.” Well, firstly, the Jewish people cannot “occupy” their own homeland. It belongs to them. Does the world really want to go against the word of God?

And what a double standard this is! Amnesty International does not target any of the Muslim countries who have ethnically cleansed their Jewish communities. If they truly cared about human rights, they would not target Israel like this. Because Israel represents human rights! Israel represents democracy! And yet they are choosing to discriminate against and boycott the Jewish state.

The Blatant Antisemitism

It is pretty obvious that Amnesty International is just antisemitic and hates the Jewish state and the Jewish people. They do not even care about the truth. Because the truth is that Israel represents exactly what Amnesty says their purpose is. But they refuse to acknowledge that. They can try to hide Jewish history, and they can attempt to remove the Jewish connection from the Jewish homeland, but they will fail.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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