Amnesty International Goes Full Blown Antisemitic

by Avi Abelow

Amnesty International enables war crimes by whitewashing Islamic terror and erasing Jewish history with a report full of lies against Israel.

Amnesty International just issued a report that isn’t just anti-Israel. It trashes Jewish history. The Amnesty report erases all connection between the Jewish people and our homeland, Israel.

They have issued this report to pressure, and Airbnb to remove all Jewish owned properties in the Jewish homeland of Israel they deem to be illegal.

Whitewashing Jewish History

The following is one of the most bombastic quotes from the Amnesty report:

“The City of David National Park is already one of the most visited attractions in Israel. In 2017, it received 17.5% of all foreign visitors (some 630,000 people).205 Hundreds of thousands of Israelis also visit the site each year, including many groups of school children, students and soldiers, helping to entrench the settlers’ presence in the area. As with the other sites managed by settlers described above, Elad presents a distorted historical narrative of the area, emphasizing the Jewish people’s roots in the area while excluding those of Palestinian residents.”

Are they serious? The City of David is the ancient city of Jerusalem right outside the Old City walls. It is the place where the first Jewish Kingdom began, where King David sat and ruled over the Jews of Judea! That is where it all began, and yet Amnesty has written up that the Jews have no connection to the City of David!

To add insult to injury, no “palestinian” Arabs lived there before the 19th century! It was empty land. People only lived within the Old City walls until the 19th century. And yet Amnesty writes off the importance of emphasizing 3,000 years of Jewish history.

And here is another pearl from the report:

“Israel has constructed many of its settlements close to archaeological sites to make the link between the modern State of Israel and its Jewish history explicit.”

Those archaeological sites are our history, from the Bible! There is nothing more natural than an indigenous people highlighting the ancient connection to their land, as the Jews are doing across Israel, including in Judea & Samaria where a majority of the stories in the Bible took place. Yet somehow, according to Amnesty this is a war crime.

Instead of recognizing the Jewish people as the true indigenous people of the land of Israel, it crowns a people with no history in our land as the indigenous people. Even the United Nations 1947 resolution NEVER mentioned a people called “palestinians”. The United Nations always referred to “Arabs”, but never to “palestinians”. Only after the arch terrorist Yassar Arafat created the PLO terrorist group in the late 1960s did the United Nations start to use the term “palestinians”.

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