Are Israel and Iran on a Collision Course in Syria?

by Micha Gefen

With rhetoric and tit for tat measures increasing between Israel and Iran, the question on everyone’s mind is if the Jewish state and the Mullahs in Tehran are heading to all out war.

One ominous sign is the fact that the IDF has placed iron domes and patriot missiles in the Tel Aviv vicinity, a move that indicates a preparation for a serious conflict. While this may be just cautious behavior, the fact is that Syria already fired a missile back at Israel after the IAF’s last mission.

While it is assumed that the US Syria pull out will weaken Israel and has inspired Iran to push forward, President Trump has moved most of the fighting force into Iraq, just over the the Syrian border. Given Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement of support to Israel to bomb Iranian positions in Iraq as well, it would seem that this means the IDF has a green light to expand the conflict before the Iranians have a chance to secure a defensible hold on Syria.

A Larger Plan

In a sense, the administration in Washington has pulled out in name only and is willing to unleash Israel’s armed forces to fight against Iran in a far more expanded capacity than previously imagined. This will also force the Sunni Arab states to now openly work with Israel, instead of hiding their meetings in secret.

There are many insiders that claim that this is part of a larger move to push the Sunni Arab states and Israel into an actual working relationship. We haven’t reached that point yet, but it appears to be moving fast in that direction.

Will Iran give up its ambitions to destroy the Jewish state? Unlikely, which means war is inevitable.

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