Israeli startup just bettered your supermarket experience while reducing waste

by Leah Rosenberg

Reducing waste and saving money can now be done at the same time! Thanks to the Israeli startup Wastless, your life is going to improve.

Reducing Waste

Whether we mean to or not, we often times waste food. It can be hard not to. And supermarkets waste even more food than we can imagine. The food goes bad, and they are forced to throw it away – millions and millions AND MILLIONS of tons every single year. With so much food and so many expiration dates, it is hard to sell it all.

But now, thanks to an Israeli startup called Wasteless, that number can be reduced. You can now easily find the closer expiration date and pay less for it than a later date. That way, the food will be used, the store will make money, and all of this can happen while reducing waste. Amazing!

Thanks, Israel!

Going to the supermarket can be overwhelming. But knowing you can go in and save money on products just by buying something with a closer expiration date is unbelievable! People are always looking for ways to save money, and this is a perfect way to start.

And for those environmentally conscious people, this is also a win. So we all owe a little thanks to Israel for everything they have done to improve our overall lives as well as the environment! Without Israel, the world would really not be where it is today. When you know the facts, it is really hard to ignore how Israel benefits the world at large. Instead of boycotting Israel, the whole world should just thank Israel.

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